At any given time there are approximately 1,000,000 (1 million) people worldwide upon aircraft which are actively flying. The average commercial passenger aircraft weighs 100 tonnes, lands on a runway 150’ wide, and lands at 240 kilometers per hour whilst dropping at a rate of 10’ per second. Approximately 100,000 flights occur daily worldwide. Rolls Royce aircraft engines travel 16,000,000 (16 million) kilometers in between servicing and as such, they have sensors which send wireless data in real time as an aircraft is airborne. Most aircraft and their engines now employ this technology behind the scenes as a safety measure to ensure every flight goes smoothly. There are approximately 35,000 parts in each aircraft engine. Aircraft engines spin at 150 revolutions per second making them spin 9000 times per minute. Statisticians estimate that flying is up to 50x more safe than driving a vehicle. Approximately 7 in 1000 luggage bags do not meet their destination on time and approximately 1,400,000 (1.4 million) luggage bags per year never reunite with their owners due to lost tags or abandonment. Unclaimed luggage eventually goes to auction due to space requirements. Approximately 50% of every aircraft can be reused and the other 50% can be recycled. The most expensive and sought after parts to reuse are the engines and the most expensive and sought after parts to recycle are aluminum

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