Professional Career In Sports


Specializing in a sport early on does not guarantee success, except with the exception of gymnastics and figure skating which seem to contradict this statement. Over 80% of top tier athletes played multiple sports, and never focussed with tenacity on any specific sport. When children play pick up games, they statistically have better decision making skills because there is no adult intervention. Organized sports which have adult intervention tends to have the opposite effect and provides a higher chance of less competitive children, who  do not participate, and do not have strong management skills because typically if teams are lopsided in a pick up game, children are apt to change the players on each team, but if teams are lopsided in an organized game, the game continues on until the end

Syrup and Molasses


Syrup and molasses are not the same thing, but are commonly confused and used interchangeably. Both syrup and molasses are comprised of sugar and have similar textures and uses. Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar making process as it is the syrupy residue left behind after sugar crystals are extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets during the boiling process. Cane syrup is made from sugar cane juice as the juice is boiled down and evaporated to create cane syrup. The types of molasses vary based upon which step of the sugar crystallization process the residue came from. Light molasses is the residue left behind after the first boiling process, while dark molasses comes from the second boiling process. Blackstrap molasses, the residue left after the third boiling is dark and bitter and normally not used for cooking. Cane syrup is referred to as “golden syrup”, “jus de canne” or “sugar cane juice”. Cane syrup is an amber colored liquid, available in light and dark varieties. To prevent crystallization, some cane syrup manufacturers add corn syrup to the product

British Penny


Neither the United States of America nor Canada have ever manufactured a penny. The term “penny” is a British invention derived from the term “pence” and refers to a “coin used before 1971 which is worth one twelfth of a shilling”. When the United States seceded from Britain, they created the term “cent”, which refers to a “unit of currency which is 1% of $1.00

Engineering Pipes For Liquid Flow


The most efficient way to utilize gravity to carry water across long distances is to use a 4 degree slope. Doing so allows water to flow through the pipeline unimpeded whilst allowing a steady flow of air into the pipe so as not to create pressure upon the joints of any bends. Anything above 4 degrees will cause an area of turbulence referred to as a “hydraulic jolt”

Rain Drops


Every time a raindrop hits a puddle or a drop of water hits a larger body of water, it bounces up and down, over and over, held together by its surface tension, and becoming smaller with each bounce, which creates the wave effect observed when a drop of water hits another larger body of water. This phenomena occurs too fast for the human eye to see, but high speed cameras can catch this effect by shooting at thousands or millions of frames per second 

Tsukiji Fish Market


The largest fish market in the world is Tsukiji Market located in Tokyo, Japan. Nearly 1700 tonnes of fishery products are handled in the Tsukiji wholesale market every day, and approximately 480 different kinds of fish are traded. Over 12,000 employees work for various fish dealers and over 30,000 customers come through each and every day