Water Required To Produce Animal Products


The current system of agriculture specifically for the production of animal based meat products requires 3 lbs. of grain feed to yield 1 lbs. of chicken in return. Chicken is the most efficient animal farmed, as it requires 7.5 lbs. of grain feed to produce 1 lbs. of pork, and 10 lbs. of grain feed to generate just 1 lbs. of beef. The cow is the least efficient of any livestock animal. These input and output models are unsustainable. Insects however only require 1.5 lbs. of feed to yield 1 lbs. of protein. The key to future sustainability may be via the consumption of insects. This may sound abhorrent to a person born into a western culture, but insects are consumed all over the world, primarily in impoverished countries in which meat products are scarce and/or expensive to produce and maintain

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