Roger Stone


The term “super pac” is an acronym which stands for “political action committee”. The idea was created by political mastermind Roger Stone in the 1970’s, as a way to help boost a Republican presidential candidates chances of winning the presidential election. Stone created many concepts in politics including using fear as a motivational tactic to vote for the opposition, using dirty tricks so long as they were legal to help smear a rival candidate therefore boosting the opposition’s chances of winning, and promoting a candidate by advertising smear campaign advertisements on television. Stone understood that half truths and distortions were the most powerful tools within his disposal because when he was a child he promoted John F. Kennedy within his elementary school mock election and debate by spreading the rumor that Richard Nixon wanted to extend the school week an extra day by having children attend school on Saturday. The trick worked and it was at that moment that Stone realized he wanted to create a career in politics instead of cinema

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