Vladimir Putin’s Rigged Democracy


Boris Yeltsin, a progressive politician and the father of modern Russian democracy, resigned and abdicated his presidency to prime minister Vladimir Putin in 1999. Putin speaks fluent German and understands English. During late 2011, over 100,000 Russian citizens showed up in protest of Putin’s administration. This protest was the largest demonstration since the Democratic Revolution in August of 1991. Social media played a large role in this revolt by providing evidence of fraud via smartphone video. Evidence included ballot stuffing which involved ballet boxes being stuffed before the polls opened, ballets hidden in the bathrooms of the polling station, campaign officials filling out ballot forms fraudulently, and erasable ink being provided to voters so that campaign officials could erase and rewrite the submitted vote in favor of Putin. Were it not for compact smartphone video cameras and social media which allowed for the instantaneous uploading of captured footage, the chance of this information ever becoming public was slim at best as all evidence gathered was collected spontaneously before campaign officials had a chance to react and prevent further inquiry

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