The Mythology of Japan Having a Closed Society Throughout History

It is a myth that Japan was completely cut off from the rest of the world throughout history, developing in a vacuum, as the official policy of the state was to close its doors, but the unofficial policy of the people was to remain open to the influence and ideas of other civilizations. The shoguns made a single exception to this rule pertaining to outsiders which was the advent of Deshima Island, a trading port that was the only place in Japan which Europeans were allowed to live and trade. Only Dutch traders were permitted access to this site due to the fact that the Dutch understood how to curry favor with influential members of Japanese society by showing tribute and swearing allegiance to the shogun, therefore becoming part of Japan’s internal feudal system. The narrow bridge between Deshima Island, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan upon the mainland was the only connection Japan had with the outside world for centuries

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    Interesting article. Japan had quite a bit of influence from other cultures over history, even official influence, mostly from other parts of Asia such as mainland china. For example Buddhism, drinking tea, cha no yu (tea ceremony), and some martial arts came from China. There was a period of time when Japan was closed to foreigners due to the Shogunate before they reopened due to the actions of Commodore Perry in the 1800s. Throughout, however, there has been a cultural attitude of curiosity displayed by Japanese people. You’re totally right about that! However the “closed port” policy only lasted 214 years.

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