Tobacco: Tobacco Developing as a Defense Mechanism, How Tobacco Rids Insects and the Best Climate for Tobacco to Grow, Insects Immune to the Paralyzing Toxins of Tobacco, Tobacco Plants Warning Neighboring Plants of Danger and Signalling for Larger Insects to Find Prey, All Plants Having a Chemical Messaging System Similar to Tobacco and the Scent of Chemical Messaging for Human Beings, and the Method Tobacco Plants Use to Signal for Larger Insects

Wild tobacco plants evolved tobacco as a defense mechanism. Tobacco paralyzes most insects after ingestion which keeps the plan from being devoured and helps it survive where it grows best, which is within desert conditions. Various insects are immune to the paralysis caused by ingesting tobacco, insects like the hornworm caterpillar. The tobacco plant sends off chemical signals when it is under attack from an insect, signaling to nearby tobacco plants to alert the other plants of the predator w...

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