Opal Being Worth More Than Diamond, the Reason Opal Is Often Not Mined, Opal Found Upon Mars, How Opal is Created, the Connection Between Opal and the Ocean, Australia and Antarctica Once Joined Together as a Lush Forest, the Reason Antarctica is Cold and Desolate, the Circa Antarctica Current Changing the Way Mammals of the Region Consumed Prey Affecting Whales of the Modern Day, the Most Common Tree in Australia, Koala Adaptations Evolved to Consume Eucalyptus, and Australia Inevitably Crashing into South East Asia Causing Destruction

Gondwana is the southern most part of Pangea. Opal very rarely occurs in nature, and when at it's best quality, it is worth more than diamond. The largest deposits of opal are in Australia, but because of the small machinery required to excavate it, large mining companies do not both with it, leaving any opal found to be brought up by miners who work solitarily in an underground cavern digging with machinery over the course of each day. Opal is also found on Mars, but due to it's distance and di...

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