Sexual Assault During the Renaissance: How Rape Was Viewed, the Difference Between Sexually Assaulting a Virgin and a Non-Virgin, the Conventional Solution of the Dowery, the Reason Being a Virgin Was Prized by a Woman’s Family, the Sexual Assault of Italian Artist Artemisia Gentileschi, and the Reason Gentileschi Migrated to Spain

During the Renaissance, rape was not recognized in the contextual mindscape that it is today. Rape was seen as a dishonorable stamp on the family and the families name. If rape occurred, it wasn't uncommon for the offender to marry the victim, therefore making it right in the eyes of the family, the court, and as was thought at the time, in the eyes of God. Rape of a woman who was no longer a virgin was almost considered not to be a crime, whilst rape of a woman who was a virgin, was considered ...

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