Blasting Mars’ Polar Ice Caps to Terraform Mars, British Naturalist Charles Darwin and British Botanist Joseph Hooker’s Experiment Terraforming Ascension Island, Collective Energy Needs of the World Provided Via a Dyson Sphere, Collecting Material From Asteroids and Other Planets to Build a Dyson Sphere, the Concept of a Dyson Sphere Within a Dyson Sphere to Collect Dissipated Energy, Possibilities as to Why First Contact With Extraterrestrial Life is so Difficult to Achieve, and the Kardashev Scale of Civilizations

In order to terraform Mars, scientists have theorized that by blasting the polar ice caps on the north and south poles of the planet with lasers, the ice can be melted, turned into water, and used to grow vegetation. 1600 kilometers off the coast of Africa is Ascension Island, a place in which nothing grew or lived (as far as we know) because there was no fresh water or vegetation due to the top soil related to volcanic activity. Charles Darwin visited the island with his good friend Sir Joseph ...

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