Bisphenol A Used In Plastic Causing Disruption to Human Endocrine Systems, Bisphenol A Originally Used as Hormonal Therapy in Women, the Reason 93% of People Demonstrate Traces of Bisphenol A Within Their Body, the Meaning of Number 1 and Number 2 Plastics, the Fallacy of Recycling Plastics, the Ratio of Plastic Recycling in Comparison to New Plastic Manufacturing, World Consumption of Plastic Bags and Plastic Bottles Per Minute, Plastics Being the 3rd Largest Industry Within the U.S., and World Wide Plastic Production and Consumption by 2050

Bisphenol A is a compound used to manufacture many types of plastic, including bottles, the lining of canned food, and household electronics etc. which are known to contain endocrine disrupting properties which can cause hormones to misfire and cause a myriad of diseases processes including diabetes, brain disorders, and cancers. Bisphenol A was initially designed to be a hormonal therapy for women, specifically as birth control as it has estrogen analogues, being that it is classified as a "xen...

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