Time Square in New York City, United States of America: The Demographic With the Longest Work Commute Time, the Economic Advertising Value of Time Square, the Legal Requirement of Advertising in Time Square, the Number of People Who Visit Time Square Annually, the Original Intent of Time Square, and the Worst Time to Hail a Taxi Cab in New York City

Residents of New York City, United States of America have the longest commute time to work and back of anybody else in the world, spending 6.5 hours per week. 300,000 people work within a 10 minute walk of Grand Central Station. Times Square has 230 animated advertising billboards, worth $60,000,000 ($60 million) to the city. It is legally required for every building located in Times Square to have an advertisement installed upon it's face. 50,000,000 (50 million) people visit Times Square each ...

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