The Longitudinal Difference of Timeshift Between Time Zones, the Problem of Scurvy During the 18th Century, Ships Setting Sail With Crews Double the Size Needed, the Signs and Symptoms of Scurvy, British Captain James Cook Treating Those He Encountered With Respect, Cook Flagellating His Crew if Caught Abusing Local Indigenous People, and Cook’s Second Journey Being the Greatest Exploratory Voyage of All Time

Every 1 hour of timeshift between differing time zones is equal to exactly 15 degrees of longitude. Scurvy was responsible for more deaths during the 18th century than war, accidents, and shipwrecks combined. Ships would often set sail with double the number of required crew to operate on the seas as it was expected to lose approximately 50% of it's sailors during it's journeys. Scurvy causes gums to bleed, followed by the falling out of ones teeth, subsequently followed by the re-opening of old...

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