The Atomic Weaponry Detonated Above Japan During World War II to Maximize Payload and Destruction, the Effects of Heat and Radiation Upon the Japanese Landscape, 3 Hospitals Remaining After Detonation, the Effects of Radiation Poisoning, the Reason Radiation Causes Death, the U.S. Suppressing Valuable Scientific Research Upon Radioactivity and Human Beings, and the Prefectural Industrial Promotion (A-Bomb Dome) Which Stands as a Monument of Peace During the Modern Day

The atomic bomb dropped upon Nagasaki, Japan on August 6, 1945 was detonated a few thousand feet above the ground as the bomb would have been primarily absorbed by the Earth if it were allowed to touch down. Because the detonation occurred within the air, the force of the 1st and 2nd blast waves flattened anything within it's path. The blast was so bright that atomic shadows were left from anything casting a shadow during the detonation as the light and heat which were the primary components giv...

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