Ancient Mayan Practice During the Day of the Dead, the Catholic Church Recognizing the Day of the Dead Holiday, Mayan Culture Imported into European Culture, Ancient Mayan Honor Practices, the Immense Importance of Blood to the Ancient Mayans, the Ancient Mayan Practice of Human Sacrifice, the Mythology of the Ancient Mayans Having Metal Tools, and the Annual Number of People Cremated Upon the River Ganges

The Ancient Mayan's of Guatemala would keep the skulls of their ancestors and place them on display once per year, on the Day of the Dead. Although the Day of the Dead is not an official holiday recognized by the Catholic church, it is tolerated as the Day of the Dead is celebrated on the same date as All Saint's Day. It is possible that the Spanish tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead, is not really Spanish at all, but rather Mayan, a tradition adopted by the Spanish upon their arrival ...

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