Catholicism Made Illegal During the Reign of English Queen Elizabeth I, Elizabeth I’s Cousin Scottish Queen Mary of Scots, Covert Messages Sent During Mary Queen of Scots Plot to Overthrow Elizabeth I, the Most Effective Method of Clandestine Message Sharing During the Period, the Use of Invisible Ink to Share Messages, the Near Grizzly End of Mary Queen of Scots for Her Uncovered Betrayal, and the Origin and Meaning of MI5 and MI6

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, being a catholic was illegal and those suspected of doing so were charged with treason against England. Elizabeth I was the cousin of Mary Queen of Scots, and after Mary Queen of Scots was forcibly removed from her kingdom, she came to stay with Elizabeth I despite their difference in religion. Mary Queen of Scots was a devout catholic and Elizabeth I was a devout protestant. Eventually, rumors circulated that Mary Queen of Scots would try to usurp the thro...

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