The Reason the Aztecs Needed Human Hearts, Enemy Captives Used as Human Sacrifices, Mexico City, Mexico Referred to as “The City of Bare Feet”, Mexico City Being the Cleanest City in the World Throughout History, the Spanish Viewing Human Sacrifice as an Insult to Catholicism, Mexico City Sinking Rate vs. Venice, Italy Sinking Rate, Carp Thriving in Polluted Water, Mexico City’s Vast Cleaning Crew to Combat Mexican Culture’s View of Recycling, and Mexico City’s Drastic Air Quality Improvement

The Aztec's believed that the god's had sacrificed their lives for the people and so the people must do the same by supplying an unending supply of human hearts. Enemy captives were kept on standby, ready to be sacrificed by the head priest at any time. Mexico City was inhabited by the Aztec's who called it "the city of bare feet", until the Spanish conquistadors arrived in 1516. Mexico City was the cleanest city in the world as all human excrement was harvested to grow crops. The Spanish reduce...

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