Traditional Method of Creating Indian Hindu Deities, the Young Age of the Himalayan Mountain Range, the Method Tourists Use to Observe the One Horned Rhinoceros, Rhinoceros Vision vs. Hearing, Rhinoceros Armor and Skin, No Rules of Boarding Dangerous Animals Upon Indian Ferries, the Island of Trees Planted by One Person in Majuli, India, and the Visual Cue of Moonlight for Infant Turtles

Traditional Indian masks of various Hindu God's are made by creating a scaffolding using thin strips of bamboo, then covering this scaffolding in cloth which has been soaked in clay and water similar to how plaster or paper mache is applied, and finally cow dung and clay is applied to create distinctive features like eyes, noses, and mouthes. The Himalayan mountains are some of the youngest geological edifices in the world, only infants in respect to topography of the Earth as they are only 40,0...

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