Panda Bears: The High Chance of Pandas Having Twins, Bamboo Comprising 99% of the Pandas Diet, Bamboo Consumed by Pandas Daily, Pandas Giving Birth to the Smallest Mammal Relative to Size, Time Spent Daily by Pandas Consuming Bamboo, Panda Lifespan, and the Reason Pandas Do Not Hibernate

Panda bears give birth to twins 50% of the time and always abandon the weaker of the 2. Bamboo is technically a type of grass and pandas eat up to 25 different kinds, which make up 99% of their diet. Pandas eat approximately 30 lbs of bamboo per day. Pandas are born pink and hairless. Panda bears give birth to the smallest of all mammals relative to their size. Panda bears are expert climbers. Pandas spend 13 - 16 hours per day eating bamboo. Pandas rarely live past 20 years, but have been recog...

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