Feathered Dinosaurs: Every Single Feathered Dinosaur Being a Carnivore, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Most Likely Having Feathers, Colored Feathers Serving a Purpose for Dinosaurs, the World Capital of Feathered Dinosaur Fossils, Museums and Dealers Artificially Touching Up Fossils With Paint, the Reason Feathers Evolved, the Fossil Which Provides Evidence of Feathered Dinosaurs, the Theory of Dinosaur Feathers Falling Off During Adulthood, and the Etymology of “Raptor”

Every single feathered dinosaur ever discovered was a predatory carnivore. It is likely that the Tyrannosaurs rex had feathers of some kind in some areas on its body. Feathers often serve a purpose for birds dependent of their color, and it has been theorized that this was also the case for dinosaurs. Liaoning Province, China is the world capital for feathered dinosaur fossils, with the first ever being discovered by a farmer as he turned the soil of his field. Touching up fossils with paint is ...

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