The Battle of Troy: The Original Intent of the Trojan Horse, the Modern Day Location of the Battle of Troy, the Horse Trade Helping to Sustain Troy, Exterior Defense Measures of Troy, the Method Used to Stockpile Food Provisions, the Lethality of a Bronze Age Bow and Arrow, the Reason the Trojan War Dragged On for a Decade, the Reason Troy Slanted its Exterior Walls, the Height of Troy’s Exterior Walls, the Size of the Trojan Horse, and the Total Destruction of Troy

The Trojan Horse, a clever tactic of deception used during the battle of Troy, was not designed to hold an entire army of soldiers, but rather a few higher ranking soldiers who would open the gates to the impenetrable city of Troy when given the opportunity. The battle of Troy is suspected to have occurred in modern day Turkey and is considered by archeologists and scholars to have been a real citadel, and not just another epic iliad of the ancient Greek poet Homer. The Trojan economy was based ...

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