The Reason Fruits and Vegetables Are Available Every Season, the U.S. Beef Grading System, the Easiest Steer to Acquire Choice and Prime Beef From, the Cost of Raising Steer, the Profit Garnered by Steer, Steers Fed Chocolate to Help Weight Gain, Most of New York City, United States of America’s Food Grown Externally, the Number of Flowers Needed to Create a Jar of Honey, and the Manufacturing Process of Aged Beef

Fruits and vegetables are kept in season all year long because after they are harvested they are placed into temperature controlled rooms which never go above 1 degree Celsius. The rooms have their oxygen levels reduced to 2%. The US system of beef starts at it's lowest grade of standard, then select, then choice, then prime. Angus steer are the easiest steer to get choice and prime beef from, which each steer costing approximately $1400.00 to purchase as a baby and $250.00 to feed throughout th...

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