Medieval Age Marriage: The Simplicity of Marriage During the Medieval Age, the Reason So Much Is Known About Medieval Marriage During the Modern Day, the Catholic Church’s View of Marriage, 33% of the Medieval Calendar Dates Not Able to Be Married Upon, the Ability to Contest a Marriage During the Medieval Era, the Marriage Process During the Medieval Age, the Latin Prayer Said During the Marriage Process, the Practice of Wearing Wedding Rings Upon Thumbs or Middle Fingers, the Caveat of Sexual Intimacy to Validate the Marriage, the Catholic Church’s View of Sexuality and Marriage, King’s Law vs. Church’s Law, the Use of Annulment Due to Divorce Being Unpermitted, the Use of Prostitutes Within Medieval Court Trials, the Catholic Church Accepting the Status of Separated But Still Married, the Legal Battle Between English King Henry VIII, the Catholic Church, and English Queen Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s Court Argument Against His Marriage to Spanish Queen Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII Leveraging God to Make His Court Argument, Catherines Defense Argument, and Henry VIII’s Solution of Founding a New Religion

During the Medieval period, marriage could be entered simply by clasping hands and saying "I take thee to be my husband/wife". No witnesses were required and the verbalization of vows could take place anywhere. Medieval marriage vows are well understood because documentation of medieval court proceedings consistently demonstrate the contestment of marriage by either the husband or wife, with their spouse alleging that any ceremony which took place, did so without witnesses and therefore could no...

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