The First Signed U.S. Patent, the Use of Working Scale Models for Patents, the Scarab Beetle Among the Most Popular of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, the Ancient Egyption Deity Khepri, the Number of Scarab Beetle Depictions and the Number of Beetle Species Worldwide, the Feeding Habits of Beetles, the Reproduction Habits of Beetles, the Cycle of Birth and Death for Beetles, and the Reason the Ancient Egyptians Believed the Beetle to be Immortal

George Washington signed the first ever US patent in 1790. Working scaled models were often sent in with parents as communication during this period was slow and patent clerks needed to understand how newly submit inventions worked. Models could not be any larger than 12" x 12". The scarab beetle was among the most popular of all ancient Egyptian jewelry pieces as the beetle represented the God "Khepri". Khepri was the God of creation and rebirth and controlled the movement of the Sun. There are...

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