Chinese Laborers During World War I: The 3 Subordinates Expected of Women Within Traditional Chinese Culture, the Century of Humiliation, Young Chinese Searching for Work During World War I, Workers Signing Contracts With Their Fingerprint Due to Illiteracy, the Largest Mass Migration in Canadian History, the Abhorrent Conditions Forced Upon These Migrants During Transport, the Etymology of the Chinese Ethnic Slurs “Chink” and “Coolie” Originating in North America, Death Creating Constant Turn Over and Promotions of Rank For Chinese Laborers, Mementos of China Brought With Laborers For Fear of Dying Abroad, the Chinese Establishing in Europe Post World War I, and Napoleonic Era Law Forbidding French and Chinese Marriage

Traditional Chinese society hoped that every new marriage would birth a boy as a girl who would become a woman would be subjected to the 3 subordinations of life, to her father as a young girl, to her husband in maturity, and to her son in old age. These traditions have fortunately been fading away throughout the 20th century, but there still are traces of it found across China, primarily in rural mountain regions and small villages. During the 20th century, western nations were incredibly power...

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