The Life, Struggles, and Successes of American Artist Walt Disney: How Disney Alerted Staff of His Presence, the Career Path of Canadian Construction Worker Elias Disney (Walt Disney’s Father), How Disney Started Within the Animation Industry, How Disney Educated Himself Upon Animation, the Failure of Elias Disney’s Jelly Business, Disney’s Parents Moving Into Disney’s Home, Elias Disney’s Warning About Fame and Success, the Disparate Personalities of Elias Disney and Walt Disney, the Setup and Failure of Disney’s Laugh-O-Gram Studio Corporation, Disney’s Alice in Cartoonland Short, Disney Migrating to Los Angeles, United States of America With American Businessperson Roy Disney (Walt Disney’s Brother), Disney’s Chance Encounter With Hungarian Artist Margaret Winkler, the Contract Disney Received for 12 New Episodes of Alice in Cartoonland, the View Roy Disney Had of This Contract, Roy Disney Joining the Alice in Cartoonland Project as a Fundraiser and Book Keeper, Disney Hiring American Artist Ub Iwerk for the Alice in Cartoonland Project, the Rapid Growth of American Animation Corporation the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the Role Roy Disney Filled During the Growth of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the Person Who Made the Difference Between the Success of the Laugh-O-Gram Studio and Failure of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the Rate at Which the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio Produced New Alice in Cartoonland Shorts, the Renaming of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, Disney’s First Original Character, Winkler Attempting to Poach the Walt Disney Studios Animation Team, Disney Losing His Entire Animation Team Except or Iwerks, the Reason American Film Producer Charles Mintz (Margaret Winkler’s Husband) Removed Disney From the Alice in Cartoonland Project, Disney Being Oblivious to His Employees Unhappiness, Disney No Longer Able to Produce Animations of Oswald the Rabbit, Disney Traveling to Visit His Childhood Home, How Disney Created the Mickey Mouse Character, the Original Name of Mickey Mouse, Disney Placing a Soundtrack Behind Animated Cartoons, Disney Appealing to the Best Audio Studio Within New York City, United States of America, the Creation of the Steamboat Willie Cartoon Short, the Difficulty of Synchronizing Animation With Sound During the Period, the American Public’s Voracious Hunger for the Steamboat Willie Cartoon Short, the Steamboat Willie Cartoon Short Propelling Walt Disney Studios to Become Well Renowned, Roy Disney Realizing the Opportunity of Licensing Disney Characters, the Person Who Helped Market and Promote the Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and Pluto Characters, How Disney Pitched the First Feature Length Animated Cartoon to His Animating Team, Roy Disney’s View of the Snow White Film Project, Roy Disney Securing Funding for the Snow White Film Project, Disney’s Primary Objective With the Snow White Film Project, How Disney Inspired Natural Realism Within the Snow White Film Project, How Disney Partitioned the Animation Work for the Snow White Film Project, the Number of Animation Frames Required for the Snow White Film Project, the Number of Times the Budget for the Snow White Film Project Needed to Be Altered, the Date of Completion for the Last Animation of the Snow White Film Project, the Total Cost to Produce the Snow White Film Project, Disney Driving His Children to School Daily, the 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Walt Disney and Roy Disney Provided Their Parents, the Reason Snow White Was Not Nominated or Eligible for an Academy Award, the Specialized Academy Award Provided to Disney for the Snow White Film, Disney’s Vision to Create a New Feature Length Animated Film Twice Per Year, Disney’s View of What Walt Disney Studios Produced, Disney’s View of Himself and Walt Disney Studios, Disney Believing Walt Disney Studios Could Produce Work Reflecting the Human Condition, the Various Classic Storylines Disney Considered, the Reason Disney Wanted to Erect Apartment Complexes Within Walt Disney Studios, the Office Amenities Provided to Each Walt Disney Studios Artist, the Amenities Provided to All Walt Disney Studios Employees, World War II Disabling Access Within the European Marketplace, the Reason Disney Decided to Sell a Portion of Walt Disney Studios as an Initial Public Offering, the Income of Walt Disney and Roy Disney After Making This Decision, How Walt Disney Studios Assured Investors, Disney’s Inability to Handle Criticism, the Financial Loss of the Fantasia Film and Pinocchio Film, the Public Critique of the Fantasia Film, Disney Oblivious to the Morale of His Employees, Walt Disney Studios Employing More Than Half of All Hollywood Artists, Disney’s Reaction After Finding Out Walt Disney Studios Employees Wanted to Unionize, the Person Who Was Terminated for Helping Walt Disney Studios Employees Unionize, the Outcome of the Walt Disney Studios Union Vote, and Walt Disney Studios Forever Changing With Unionization

Disney would always cough as he came down the hallway of his studios to let his team know he was present. Walt Disney's father was part owner of a jelly factory and guaranteed his son a job once he came of age. Disney decided however to apply his knack for drawing towards a career in the arts and worked for an advertising agency during the day, whilst producing cartoons in the evenings, which he sold to the local theater, with any profits made not covering the expenses used to produce the short ...

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