Japanese Canadian Interracial Marriage Rate, Children Born into Interracial Japanese Canadian Marriages, Interracial Marriage Within Other Cultures, the Abhorrent Treatment of Japanese and Canadian Citizens of Japanese Descent During World War II, 33% of the Mixed Asian Community Living in California, United States of America, and the Etymology of the Idiom “Hapa”

As of 2010, in Canada, there is a 95% interracial marriage rate in respect to Canadians of Japanese decent, meaning that more often than not, in this case, 9.5 times out of 10, a Canadian of Japanese descent will marry someone of an ethnicity outside of the Japanese ethnicity, the highest proportion of any other ethnic minority group. Children born to interracially married Japanese and non Japanese parents make up nearly 50% of Canada's Japanese population. In contrast to this, 17% of Canadians ...

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