Hydrocephalus: Hydrocephalus Rates World Wide, the Cause of Hydrocephalus, the Reason Infants Are Especially Prone to the Effects of Hydrocephalus, the Causation of Hydrocephalus, Hydrocephalus Treated In Utero, the Visual Appearance of Hydrocephalus Using Computer Tomography, the Most Common Intervention for Hydrocephalus, and Uganda’s Unusually High Prevalence of Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus affects over 500,000 children world wide. Hydrocephalus can be caused by infection, genetic anomalies, or head injuries. The reason the heads of infants can grow so incredibly large is because all babies are born with soft, mailable skulls which can expand over 3x it's normal size within the 1st 12 - 18 months after birth. Hydrocephalus is caused because the valve located between the left and right brain hemispheres which drains cerebrospinal fluid down the spine and into the abdom...

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