German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven: Beethoven Never Marrying, the Person Fur Elise Was Written For, Beethoven’s Difficult Relationship With His Siblings and In Laws, Beethoven Becoming Deaf, Beethoven’s Disheveled Physical Appearance as He Aged, Beethoven’s Arrest, Beethoven’s Death, and Beethoven’s Last Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven never married as every woman he ever fell in love with was from the aristocracy and try as he may, Beethoven could not overcome the class barrier setup by society. Fur Elise was written for a woman who Beethoven was courting. This woman's true identity has remained unknown since the piece's creation in 1810. Beethoven had a contentious relationship with his 2 younger brothers and when his brother Kasper Karl died suddenly in 1815, he fought with his dead brother's wife, a pe...

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