The History of Autocracy and Democracy Within England: The Reason Westminster Abbey Was Constructed, the Importance of the Stone of Destiny for the English Monarchy, the Setup of Westminster Abbey as a House of Commons, the Attempted Terrorist Attack of English Revolutionary Guy Fawkes, the Westminster Abbey Fire of 1834, the Setup of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the Cause of the English Civil War and its Lasting Impact into the Modern Day, and the Construction, Maintenance, and Secrets of Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

The Palace of Westminster located in London, England was built in 1245, a masterpiece of gothic architecture. Westminster Abbey was created to entomb Edward the Confessor, an Anglo Saxon king who reined from 1042 - 1066. Edward was perceived on an almost God like magnitude, and was never questioned in his authority as it was believed that he was next to God, and had God's favor. Edward is said to have healed many people of illness simply by touching them. The Stone of Destiny, which was in posse...

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