The Ghost Bicycles of São Paulo, Brazil, the Purpose of Ghost Bicycles, Bicycle Vehicular Death Rate in São Paulo, General Motors Purposefully Deconstructing Public Transit, Pedestrian and Cyclist Vehicular Accident Rate in Toronto, Canada, the Number of Middle Class Persons Able to Afford a Vehicle by 2020 and 2040, the Industry Which Spends the Most Upon Advertising, Vehicles On the Road Doubling Between 2012 – 2020, the Space Consumed by a Single Vehicle, Time and Income Spent in Traffic Annually in the U.S., the Flawed European Vehicular Emissions Grading System, BMW Providing Vehicles Free of Charge to All German Politicians, Bicycle Use Dropping in China, Annual Death Rate Due to Pollution, 50% of All Trips Able to Utilize Public Transit, and the Argument In Favor of Traffic Congestion

The city of São Paulo, Brazil has bicycles painted in white spray paint which are referred to as "ghost bikes", to remind people that bicycle deaths do occur due to traffic, congestion, and road rage etc. Ghost bicycle serve as a physical reminder of the lives lost due to circumstance completely within the control of everybody on the road, bicycles, cars, trucks, and busses alike. 1 person dies every single week as a result of a bicycle and car collision of some degree in São Paulo. General Moto...

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