The Largest Cause of Death During World War I Outside of Artillery, American Physician Richard Gatling’s Patent of the Gatling Gun, the Reason Gatling Chose to Create a 10 Barreled Firearm, American Inventor Hiram Maxim Inventing the First Fully Automatic Firearm, the Reason Maxim’s Automatic Firearm Was Not Well Liked Initially, the Reason Maxim’s Automatic Firearm Became Highly Coveted, and Germany Understanding the Power of Automatic Firearm Technology Before the U.K. Understood

Next to artillery, nothing took more lives during World War I, between 1914 - 1918, than the machine gun, allowing small groups to take our large swaths of soldiers and deadly from up to 2 kilometers away. People have been shooting at eachother since the 13th century but in 1862, during the height of the American Civil War, a Carolina physician named Richard Gatling filed a patient for a large, 2 man operated weapon, which could fire 200 rounds per minute. Gatling realized that around 70% of sol...

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