The Life, Struggles, and Successes of German Priest Martin Luther: The Career Path German Miner Hans Luther (Martin Luther’s Father) Wanted Luther to Follow, Luther Earning a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, Luther Returning to Hans Luther Mid Semester, Luther’s Rationale of Why He Did Not Want to Become an Attorney, the View of Acts of Nature During the 15th Century, Luther Caught Within a Storm While Traveling, Luther Negotiating a Deal With God to Survive This Storm, Luther Reaching an Augustinian Monastery, the Reason Hans Luther Was Furious by This Decision, the Reason Luther Fasted and Flagellated Himself, Luther Spending Hours Confessing Sin, Luther Not Feeling Saved or Cleansed of His Sins, Luther Becoming Ordained and Celebrating His First Mass, Luther Migrating to Rome, Italy,  the State of Rome During Luther’s Arrival, the Concept of “Indulgences”, the Reason Indulgences Were Believed to be More Effective for a Departed Soul Than Confession and Prayer, the Person Who Created Indulgences and the Reason for This, the Most Prominent Indulgence Salesperson of the Period, Luther’s View of Indulgences, the Creation and Publication of Luther’s 95 Theses, the Debate of the Historical Accuracy of Luther’s 95 Theses Story, the Advent of the Printing Press, the Reason Printing Press Technology Had No Method of Monetization, Printing Press Owners Printing Luther’s 95 Theses, the Speed of the Spread of Luther’s 95 Theses Across Europe, the First Author of a Best Selling Publication, the German View of the Catholic Church, Czech Theologian Jan Hus Criticizing the Catholic Church Prior to Luther, the Catholic Church’s View of Heresy, Political Issues Dictating the Pope Selected to Fulfill Office During the Period, the Family of Italian Pope Leo X, the Reason the Legal Summons for Luther Was Blockaded, the Location Luther Was Questioned by the Catholic Church, the Person Who Questioned Luther, the Influence and Authority Vested by Leo X Within Italian Philosopher Thomas Cajetan, Luther’s Response When Asked to Recant His Statements Against the Catholic Church, the Reason Luther Rapidly Migrated to Wittenberg, Germany After This Inquiry, Luther’s Public Statement Related to Indulgences, the Reason Leo X Did Not Pursue Luther for These Comments, German Elector of Saxony Frederick III (Frederick the Wise) vs Leo X, the Setup of the German State During the 16th Century, the Concept of the Holy Roman Empire, How the Next Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Was Selected, the Hypothesis of Why Luther’s Writing is Crude, Luther’s Argument of God and the Common Person, Luther’s View of Salvation, Luther’s View of Jesus Christ, Luther’s View of God’s Grace, Luther’s View of a Christian Life Spent in Servitude, Luther’s Argument in Favor of Servitude, Luther’s Christian Ideology vs the Catholic Church’s Christian Ideology, the Reason Leo X Issued a Papal Bull Edict, Luther’s Response to This Papal Bull, Luther Appealing Toward Belgium Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Charles V’s View of Centralized Religion, Charles V Providing Luther a Fair and Unbiased Inquiry, the Assumption of Luther’s Fate by Those in Attendance, the Purpose of Burning a Person at the Stake, Charles V Demanding Luther Recant His Statements Against the Catholic Church, Luther Provided Time to Reconsider His Decision, Charles V Charging Luther With High Treason, the Reason Charles V Provided Luther Safe Passage to Leave the Inquiry, the Abduction of Luther, the Reaction of Most German Citizens Toward This News, the Location Luther Was Forcibly Migrated to, the Code Name Provided to Luther During Detention, the Time Required for Luther to Translate the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Luther’s Vision of the Christian Bible Being Translated into Every Language, Luther Unable to Generate Income From His Published Works, the Reason Luther Befriended Many Publishers, the Reason Luther Spent Time Crafting the Font of a Publication, Luther Marrying German Nun Katharina von Bora, Luther Breaking European Law to Bestow His Estate to Katharina, Part of the Reason Luther Was Slow to Marry, Charles V Forgetting About Luther Due to Various Other Problems, the Various Problems of Charles V, German Peasants Becoming Restless With the Catholic Church, Luther Attempting to Deescalate Violence Amongst the German Public, Luther Appealing to Nobility to Deescalate Violence, the Outcome of This Deescalation, Luther Suffering From Depression, Luther Tending to Those Infected With Bubonic Plague, Luther Learning of the Poor Training of Priests Across the German State, Luther’s Quote Related to This Educational Ineptitude, the Reason Protestant Lutheran Churches and Protestant Reform Churches are Separate During the Modern Day, Swiss Pastor Huldrych Zwingli’s View of the Last Supper Artwork vs Luther’s View of the Last Supper Artwork, the Reason the Germans and Swiss Could Not Unite Against the Catholic Church, the Death of Hans Luther, Charles V’s Relation to English King Henry VIII, the Advent of the Church of England and the Progeny of This Faith, the Christian Reformation of French Theologian John Calvin, the Religious Faiths Which Derived From Calvin and Calvinism, the Reason Luther Did Not Want Followers to be Referred to as “Lutherans”, the Death of Magdalena Luther (Martin Luther’s Daughter), Magdalena Luther’s Death Triggering Depression for Luther, Luther’s Attack of the Jewish Religion and Jews, Luther Advocating Violence Against Jews, the View of This Publication by Modern Day Lutherans, Luther’s View of the Jews 2 Decades Prior, the Reason Luther Began Detesting Jews, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler Referencing Luther’s Work During the Modern Day, American Minister Michael King (Martin Luther King Sr.) Changing His Name and His Sons Name to Honor Luther, the Death of Luther, Charles V Destroying the Farmstead Bequeathed to Katharina, the Reason Charles V Abdicated Power, No Modern Day Denomination of Lutherism Following Luther’s Teaching Completely, the Catholic Church Adopting Concepts Created by Luther, Luther Advocating for Universal Basic Education for Children, Luther’s View of Literacy and Education for Christianity, Families Often Removing Children From Educational Pursuits to Begin Work, Luther Advocating for the Education of Women, and Luther’s View of Himself and His Legacy of Work

Martin Luther’s father Han’s Luther wanted his son to become a lawyer as there were often fights between miners and smelters in the small metal smith business they owned, as he felt it would be good to have an attorney in the family. By his early 20’s, Luther had fulfilled his father’s wishes earning both a bachelor degree and a master degree in record time. As Luther was prepared to enter law school, he left his university mid term and returned to his father. Luther felt that being an attorney ...

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