The Nepalese Belief of a Deity Living Atop Mount Everest, the Nepali Name for Mount Everest, the Shifting Routes Toward the Summit of Mount Everest, the Method Used to Create New Routes, the Largest Fish in the World, the Only Permanent Home of the Whale Shark, the Largest Freestanding Mountain in the World, the Eruption of Mount Kilimanjaro Creating Ideal Agricultural Conditions, the Annual Conflict Between the Maasai People and Elephants, the Largest Bird in North America, and the Animal With the Best Sense of Smell

Nepalese sherpas help foreign mountaineers climb Mt. Everest, despite it being considered sacrilege in Nepalese culture, as it is believed that God's live atop the mountain's peak. Mt. Everest is referred to by the Nepalese as "Chomolungma". Everest base camp is situated at 17,000'. The routes to the top of Mt. Everest always change because of the snow and ice melting, piling up, and shifting the landscape. Sherpas find the best route up to the top of the mountain and then mark those routes so t...

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