The Edwardian Era: British Author Herbert George Wells’ Summarization of the Edwardian Era, British Patents Granted Under British King Edward VII, British Middle Class Homes Acquiring Electricity at the Beginning of the 20th Century, the Problem of Changing Electrical Providers During the Early 20th Century, Dangerous Early Residential Electrical Design, Early Attempts to Sheathe Electrical Wiring, Asbestos Re-Discovered and Hailed as a Miracle Material During the Edwardian Era and the Practical Uses of Asbestos, Asbestos Being Utilized for Thousands of Years Prior, the Size of Asbestos Fibers, Asbestos Causing Mesothelioma, the Cost of the First Refrigerators, the Cost of the First Motor Vehicles, the Problem of Female Baldness During the Edwardian Era, the Solution for Female Baldness During the Edwardian Era, Hat Pins Potentially Used as Weaponry, the Feathers Used Within Edwardian Hats, How Radium Invades the Body and Poses Danger to Health, Radium Consumption Considered Healthy and Used in Everyday Products During the Edwardian Era, and Radium Being Dangerous When Ingested But Relatively Harmless When Nearby

Herbert George Wells summed up the spirit of the Edwardian age perfectly when he wrote "Queen Victoria like a great paperweight, sat on men's minds, and when she was removed, their ideas blew all over the place, haphazardly". In the first 5 years of Edward VII reign, over 140,000 British patents were granted. By 1913, over 1,000,000 (1 million) British middle class homes had electricity. Early electrical companies sold differing voltages and amperages meaning that when a client changed companies...

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