Mass Adoption of Home Ownership, Home Ownership Being Easier in North America and More Difficult in Europe After World War II, the Beginning of the Do It Yourself Mindset, Building Corporations Marketing to Residential Home Owners, Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Washing, Fossil Fuels Emitting Carbon Dioxide, the Reason Carbon Monoxide is Fatal, and the Chance of Fatality When Ingesting Carbon Monoxide

Prior to World War II, nearly everyone aside from the very wealthy, rented the homes they lived in, however post World War II, wages grew at a faster pace than the cost of buying or building a home, and therefore more and more people started to purchase and build homes, challanging and changing the convention of every prior generation, making home ownership the typical situation for most people. Home ownership was easier in North America as most trades people were tied up rebuilding most of Euro...

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