The Breathing Capabilities of Lung Fish, the Tiktaalik Fossil Defining How Water Creatures Migrated Onto Land, the Cause of Continental Drift, the Language Adaptation of Vervet Monkeys, the Breeding Cycle of Meerkats, Chimpanzees Using Tactic and Strategy to Hunt for Meat, Evidence of Shared Culture Within the Animal Kingdom, the First Sequencing of the Human Genome, and the Advent of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Fingerprinting and Paternity Examinations

The lungfish found in Australia can breathe both under water and at it’s surface by using a pouch in it’s throat. It uses 2 pairs of muscular fins to propel itself along the bottom of the water, much like legs. It was a mystery as to how water dwelling creatures came up onto land until recently when a fossil was found in the arctic of Canada which provided that missing link in 2004. The fossil was named “Tiktaalik” which is an Inuktitut term meaning "burbot", which in English is a freshwater fis...

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