The Bay of Fundy in the Canadian Maritimes Having the Largest Tides in the World, the Hunting Technique of Falcons, Squirrel Storage Cache Size During Winter, the Hibernation Practices of Squirrels During Winter, the Rapid Growth Rate of Moose Antlers, the Largest Venomous Snake in Canada, the Peculiar Birthing Process of the Canadian Prairie Rattlesnake, the Concept of Brumation for Snakes During Winter, the Infrequent Birthing Windows of Prairie Rattlesnakes, the Final Stage of Life for the North American Octopus, and Gannets Being Some of the Most Aggressive Animals in the World

75% of Canadian birds fly south every year due to the cold winter climate of Canada. The Bay of Fundy situated between Nova Scotia, Canada and New Brunswick, Canada has the largest tides in the world, twice a day being filled with 160,000,000,000 (160 billion) tonnes of sea water, fill the bay, more than all of the world’s rivers combined. Falcons usually hunt by ambush, flying high above and striking prey with a quick dive. During autumn, the sun no longer climbs as high in the sky, so the temp...

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