U.S. Computer Science Careers vs Computer Scientists Available, Computer Science Career Statistic, Women Within Computer Science, the Number of Bachelor of Science Degree Graduates Specializing Within Computer Science Within the U.S., the First Person to Write Modern Computer Code, the Person Who Invented the Term “Computer Bug”, the Original Estimated Size of the Computer Market, and Male vs Female Rate of Leaving the Computer Science Industry

The US produced 3x more computer science related jobs than there are computer science graduates, making there 3 jobs available for every 1 person. These rates are almost unheard of in any other industry. 29% of computer science jobs will be filled by Americans by 2020 and 3% of those filled by Americans will be female. Women account for 57% of post secondary education graduates yet only represent 18% of computer science graduates. During 2012, less than 3% of all Bachelor of Science degrees were...

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