St. Francis of Assisi Occuring Most Frequently in Renaissance Art Next to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, All Catholic Churches Pointing East Toward the Sun, the Etymology of “Assisi”, the Reason Asia Was Referred to as the Orient, the Religious Experience St. Francis Had Inside the Cathedral of San Damiano, Potential Biblical Prophecies of St. Francis, the Cathedral Dedicated to St. Francis, the Reason Madonnas Are Such a Common Sight Within Renaissance Artwork, St. Peter and St. John’s Depictions Within Renaissance Artwork, the Founding of the Dominican Order of Monks, the Uniform of the Dominican Monk, the Etymology of “Blackfriars” and “Hounds of the Lord”, Sculptures Throughout Antiquity Being Painted, Italian Sculpture Pietro Torrigiano’s Competition With Italian Sculpture Michelangelo, Italian Sculptor Niccolo Dell’Arca Sculpting in Terracotta, the Reason Terracotta Sculpting Was Dismissed as an Artistic Medium, Italian Priest Savonarola’s Prophecy of Invasion Coming to Fruition, the Reason Savonarola’s Religious Ranting Was Taken Seriously During the Renaissance Period, New Laws Forbidding Sodomy, Adultery, and Intoxication via Alcohol, the Bonfire of the Vanities, Painters Burning Their Own Works in Support of Savonarola, Savonarola’s Arrest and Execution, the Concept of Adult Jesus Christ and Infant Christ’s Scale Within Artwork, Michelangelo Leveraging Perspective and Mathematics to Create the Illusion of an Adult-Infant Hybrid of Christ, and the Meaning of the Stories of the Work Painted Upon the Sistine Chapel

St. Francis of Assisi occurs in Renaissance art more often than anybody else aside from Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. All Catholic Churches in Italy point east, towards the rising sun. The term “assisi” and/or “ascesi” means “rising up” in the Tuscan dialect. The original term for the rising sun in Latin was “oriente” which is why eastern countries are sometimes referred to as “oriental” nations or “from the orient”. St. Francis of Assisi was quite wealthy but suddenly gave away all his poss...

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