The Vancouver, Canada and Greater Vancouver Housing Market, the Most Expensive Area of Vancouver, the Greater Fool Theory, Debt Driving Process Post World War II, Debt Creating the Financial Industry and Financial Markets, the Unsustainability of Debt, Why Rezoning Increases Land Value, the Number of People Affected by British Columbia’s Housing Crisis, Chinese Investment in Vancouver Causing Rapid Inflation Due to Supply and Demand Imbalance, Why Chinese Investors Invest so Heavily Within Vancouver, the Problem of Speculative Home Buyers, Vancouver’s Major Manufacturing Industry Being Housing and the Problem With This Model, and Vancouver Residents Forced to Move Further and Further Away From the City to Afford Real Estate

The Fraser Valley is the fastest growing suburb in Canada. Vancouver’s housing market is by far the most expensive in Canada, even more so than a Toronto, Ontario which for a long time was the most destabilized market in Canada. The most expensive region of Vancouver to live is West Vancouver. 65% of residents of Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area which includes the Fraser Valley are home owners. Fundamentally, the Vancouver housing market is easy and cheap income, and lots of it. The chas...

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