The British East India Company: The Revenue Generated by the East India Company With Each Ship Sent to India, the Commonality of Death for East India Company Employees, the Solution of Alcohol to Stop East India Company Employee Deaths, the Advent of the Gin and Tonic Cocktail, British Women Sent to Stop East India Employees Fraternizing With Local Women and the Families of Merchants, the Reason Britain Stopped Sending Women to India for East India Company Employees, and the Wealth Obtained by 90% of East India Company Employees

After the first expedition from England to India, when ships returned to England in 1607, investors in the East India Company made a 230% profit on each ship with a total value of £36,000 which equates to £10,500,000 (£10.5 million) when accounting for inflation as of 2017, because the ships were filled with cloves, an ingredient used in anesthetics. Death was quite common among the British stationed in India, with 33% of the entire British workforce dying in a single year due to the rainy seaso...

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