The Capital of China During Antiquity and its Relation to the Silk Road, the Great Mosque of Xi’an, China, the Early Uses of Paper in China, Chinese Eunuch Court Official Cai Lun Developing Paper, Various Chinese Inventions, Paper Being Created by the Arab’s and Imported into Europe, the Terracotta Warriors and the Unification of China, Early Chinese War Horses Being Pony Horses, the First Person to Trade Upon the Silk Road, the Origin Story of How Silk Was First Crafted and the Contradiction Within This Story, the Use of Silk Throughout Antiquity, the Earliest Printed Book Ever Discovered, the Uighur People of China, and How the Secret of Silk Was Unveiled to Middle Eastern and European Traders

The capital of China was once Xi’an (pronounced “zhee-ann”) and was an integral part of The Silk Road as it was the location at which The Silk Road started. Muslim traders settled in Xi’an in the 8th century. The Great Mosque of Xi’an was built in the 8th century as the migrating traders intended to stay. China may have developed paper before the birth of Christ, for wrapping medicines, with it being used to write upon coming later. China records paper as being invented in 105 AD by a court eunu...

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