The Earth and the Moon: The Protoplanet Theia That Created the Moon, How Theia Created a Moon, American Chemist Stanley Miller’s Early Earth Experiment, the Reason Theia Helped Create Life, How the Oceans and Tides Formed, How the Earth, Moon, and the Sun Worked in Unison to Help Create Life Through Ribonucleic Acid, the Reason the Moon Has a Permanent Dark Side, Ancient People Understanding and Building Architecture to Take Advantage of the Lunar Standstill, Ancient Cultures Believing the Moon to Be Supernatural, Longer Days on Earth During the Devonian Period, the Moon Slowly Drifting Away From the Earth, the Perfect Parameters Required to Experience a Total Solar Eclipse, the Reason the Earth Spins on a 23 Degree Axis, Consequences of the Moon Drifting Out of Orbit, the Way Life Will be Affected Once the Moon Drifts Away, the Length of Time Needed for the Moon to Drift, the Earth’s Moon Unlike Any Other Moon Within the Solar System, Apollo Program Astronauts Bringing Back to Earth Samples of the Moon, Leveraging the Moon to Create Vast Abundance of Renewable Energy, and the Low Cost of Setting Up Infrastructure On the Moon

The protoplanet which hit the Earth and created the moon has been named “Theia”. When Theia hit the Earth, it’s core fused with the Earth’s core sending enormous amounts of liquid rock into orbit. Because this liquid rock was in a magma like state, it was very easy for it to coalesce and from the moon. The collision changed Earth’s trajectory as a planet as metals like iron were released from the planets core, resetting Earth’s basic chemistry. Gasses like methane, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen,...

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