Globalization and Shipping: The Advent of the Shipping Container and the Lack of Transparency Within the Shipping Industry, Commercial Shipping Vessels Flying Flags of Convenience and the Problem With This, and Shipping Vessels Causing Oil Spills and Damage to Ecosystems – The Number of Shipping Vessels Traveling Around the World, the Primary Transport Method of Consumer Goods, the Reason Corporations Have Begun Using Foreign Labor and Manufacturing, the Fallacy of “Made In” Tags Upon Textiles, the Concept of “Twenty Foot Equivalent Units”, the Advent of the Shipping Container, the Reason the Shipping Container Was Created, the Economic Cost to Ship 20 Tonnes From China to the U.S., the Only Parties Who are Aware of the Contents Within a Shipping Container, the Concept of “Shipping Manifests”, the Legal Indemnification of “Said to Contain” Documents, the Reason Shipping Corporations are Willing to Accept Illicit Goods, the Low Cost and Lack of Law Enforcement Within the Shipping Industry, the Majority of Illicit Narcotics Within North America and Europe Arriving Via Shipping Container, the Easiest Way to Ship Weaponry Between Countries, the Volume of Shipping Containers Which are Inspected, the Economic Value of the Shipping Industry Annually, the Concept of the “Flag of Convenience”, the Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones of Coastal Countries, the Reason Shipping Vessels Fly Flags of Convenience, the Benefit of Flying Flags of Convenience, the Economic Value Saved by Flying Flags of Convenience, How Nations Advertise the Use of Their Flag for Shipping Corporations, Most Flags of Convenience Providing Anonymity to Clients, the Reason Filipinos Comprise the Majority of the Seafaring Workforce, the Income Benefit of Working at Sea for Filipino Citizens, the Number of Filipinos Who Leave the Philippines to Work Abroad Each Hour, the Most Important Industry Within the Philippines, the Filipino Government Generating Revenue From Filipino Citizens Working Abroad, the First and Second Most Dangerous Occupations, the Frequency of Accidents Within the Ocean, the Number of Shipping Containers Lost Within the Ocean Annually, the Majority of Shipwrecks Involving Old and Unmaintained Shipping Vessels, the Worst Maintained Shipping Vessel, the Reason Bunker Oil Tankers Have a Greater Risk of Capsizing, the Volume of Crude Oil Spilled into the Ocean Annually, the Volume of Dangerous Chemicals Spilled into the Ocean Annually, How Shipping Vessels Balance Weight After Unloading Cargo, the Reason Shipping Vessels Inadvertently Introduce Potentially Invasive Species into Marine Ecosystems, the Economic Cost of These Invasive Species, Invasive Species and Endangered Species Statistic, the Effect Shipping Vessels Have Upon Marine Mammals, the Equivalent Decibel Noise Level of Shipping Vessel Engines and Propellers Upon Land, the Fuel Utilized for Shipping Vessels, the Economic Cost of Bunker Fuel, the Use of Crude Oil Left Over After the Refinement Process, the Composition of Bunker Fuel, Shipping Vessel Bunker Fuel Sulphur Levels vs Land Vehicle Gasoline Fuel Sulphur Levels, the Volume of Sulphur Oxide Produced by Shipping Vessels, the Lifespan of a Shipping Vessel, the International Maritime Organization Lobbying for New Requirements of Environmental Safety, the Length of Time Before This Legislative Strategy Will Become Beneficial, the Carbon Footprint of the Shipping Industry, Shipping Vessel Carbon Emission Statistic, the Northwest Passage Opening Due to Climate Change, Climate Change Benefiting the Shipping Industry in North America, Europe, and Asia, the Estimate of When the Northwest Passage Will Completely Melt Due to Climate Change, the Location of the Largest Shipping Fleets in the World, How the International Maritime Organization is Funded, the Reason Regulation of the Shipping Industry Remains Biased, How Liberian President Charles Taylor Funded the Sierra Leone Civil War, Shipping Corporations Manipulating Non-Industrialized Countries, Evidence of the Profit Generated by Flags of Convenience Not Reaching the Citizens of the Nation Which Provides the Flag of Convenience, and Income Tax Breaks for the Impoverished Within Panama vs Income Tax Breaks for the Wealthy Within Panama

At any given time, 60,000 ships are traveling the ocean’s trade routes with commercial goods. 90% of all goods consumed travel by ship. Globalization and cheaply manufactured goods are not solely due to lower wages in impoverished countries, it is also because the means to transport those goods has become so incredibly cheap that utilizing foreign labor has become the standard for all companies to implore if they are to expect to turn a profit. Tags which display “made in” and then display a cou...

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