The U.S. Financial System Supported By Faith, the Purpose of the Federal Reserve, the Reason the Federal Reserve Was Established, the Jekyll Island Meeting that Decided How the Federal Reserve Would Operate, the Reason Paper Currency is Preferred over Gold Bullion, the Reason the U.S. Economy Eclipsed the U.K. Economy, Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, Causation for Economic Fluctuation and How This Was Accidentally Discovered, the U.S. Dollar and Countries Which Attached Themselves To It, U.S. President Richard Nixon Removing the U.S. From the Gold Standard, a Simplistic Explanation of the 2009, Phantom Recovery, Why The Prior Financial System (and Possibly Current System) of the World Economy Was/Is Unsustainable, Why Growth of the Market Helps and Hurts Individuals Differently, the Statistical Gap Between the Wealthy and the Impoverished, and Why Wealth Generation Within the Greater Population is a Myth

Since 1971, the US dollar and the global financial system have been based solely upon faith, faith in the guardian of that currency and of that system, the American central bank, the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve mirrors the Bank of England which ensures that if every single person withdrew their money, banks would have enough to pay back every single person. The panic of 1907 lead to the setup of this new US system as US citizens wanted a central bank being that every other major economy...

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