Bhutan: The First Country to Ban and Criminalize Smoking, the Symbolic Color of the Bhutanese Royal Family, Television Banned in Bhutan Until 1975, the Open Police State of Bhutan, Bhutan’s Royal Lineage Since Inception, Phallic Symbols Throughout Bhutanese Cities to Ward Off Bad Spirits and Bad Luck, and the Bhutanese Belief in Yeti’s

Bhutan was the first ever country to ban and criminalize smoking. The color yellow is reserved only for the Bhutanese royal family to wear. The internet, introduced in 1999, was brought in as a new millennium gift from the previous king. Television was not permitted in Bhutan until 1975. There is a large police presence in Bhutan and although the country is democratic, it’s residents are fiercely loyal to the royal family with many people openly stating that they would prefer an absolute monarch...

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