French King Louis XIV: Servants Forbidden to Die Within the Walls of the Palace of Versailles, French Artists Forbidden to Paint the Human Form Nude Until Apprenticed, Louis XIV’s Most Famous Quote, French Painter Charles Le Brun’s Evocative Emotion Painting Technique, Louis XIV’s Admiration for Macedonian King Alexander the Great, Frances Large Population Providing Economic Dominion Over England, Louis XIV’s Model Cities Designed for Militaristic Planning, and the State of France After Louis XIV

The Palace of Versailles is the largest European palace ever built. It was forbidden for servants to die within the palaces walls. Louis XIV had contempt for the common people, and he viewed a commoner dying within Versailles as polluting the grand palaces perfection. French painters were forbade from sketching or painting the human form in the nude until they had apprenticed and trained depicting plaster sculptures for years. It was said that Louis XIV famously stated “l'etat c'est moi” meaning...

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