The Mythology of Vampires: The Origin Mythology of the Undead in Europe, the St. Modwenna Text, Catholic Burial Practices, Romanian Vampire Belief of Vampires Only Attacking Their Kin, the Marotinul du Sus, Romania Vampire Incident, Western Europe vs. Eastern Europe Belief of Vampires, the Reason Dracula Has High Collared Clothing, Vampire Syndrome (Porphyria and/or Pellagra) Within Medicine, and Eastern Europeans Piercing the Heart of a Deceased Person to Keep it From Returning to the Living World

In the 12th century, an abbot of Burton on Trent wrote a book about the miracles which had been performed by their local saint, St. Modwenna. One section tells the story of 2 peasants who died and were buried, but then arose from the dead to terrorize the village. The story states the undead walked through the village spreading disease and causing people to die and thus the local people request that the bishop allow them to exhume the bodies. The bodies were found intact but the linen cloths ove...

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