Great White Sharks Perusing the Beaches of Sydney, Australia, Sydney Built Upon the World’s Largest Harbor, the Invention of the Speedo in Australia, Snow Being Exceptionally Rare in Sydney, the First Currencies of Sydney During Colonization, Homicide Rate in Sydney vs. U.S. Equivalent Cities, Kangaroo Leather vs. Cowhide Leather, Australia’s “Whites Only” Immigration Policy Until the 1970’s, the Indigenous People of Australia Comprising a Small Subset of the Population Due to Colonization, and Taxi Cab Customs in Sydney During Antiquity

Sydney, Australia has over 70 beaches which require helicopter patrol because sharks love this region of the ocean with great white sharks as long as 4 meters long. Sydney is built upon the world’s largest natural harbor, over 300 kilometres of waterfront. Speedos were actually invented for the Australian beachfront, invented by a Scottish inventor in 1928 who was arrested for indecent exposure when he first donned the bathing suit in public. Since the inception of record keeping of weather it h...

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